The Mission

The energy transition is a great, but ambitious project for society as a whole. Until now, the aim has been to take renewable energy out of the shadows and make it a mainstay of the electricity supply. That has already been achieved. The next goal is to combine the individual components of the energy transition as efficiently as possible and link the electricity, heat, transport and industrial sectors as well as possible. Digitisation will play an important role in this.

Making the energy transition a success will take committed stakeholders and companies, as well as long-term strategies and technological concepts.

That is why Andreas Kuhlmann, Chief Executive of dena, has declared that his job is to "build bridges": between the established energy industry and young companies/start-ups, which show the opportunities new technologies and digitisation offer and are already thinking the energy transition of the future – whether in the electricity sector, building automation, energy efficiency or transport. To promote this exchange, he launched the "The energy market revolution. Be part of it!" group in the "Meetup" social network. It offers startups from the energy sector a platform for networking and sharing ideas, and already has more than 300 members. The group also came up with the idea for the dena Startup Bus to E-world 2016.

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