Boarding Completed

The following startups are on the dena Startup Bus. Congratulations!


The CRESTMILL small wind power plant is an unobtrusive modular system which is easy to mount on roof tops. The produced electricity can be fed into the grid, used for private consumption and heat supply.
CRESTMILL modules are mounted on the roof ridge like common crown tiles. Because of the low height and the color matching, the modules blend in harmoniously with the appearance of the rooftop.
The manufacturing of the CRESTMILL modules is cost-effective, due to standardization and largescale production.

Contact: Rainer Marquardt

Ecoligo GmbH

Ecoligo wants to close the existing financing gap for solar projects in developing countries for commercial and industrial off takers and make those businesses participate in the global Energiewende.
Ecoligo finances and operates solar projects in developing countries via a crowdinvesting platform. These projects are offered after 3 years of operation with a validated performance and payment track record to institutional investors. This reduces their risk and allows for portfolio creation, attracting their commitment as projects can be aggregated for their investment volumes.

Contact: Martin Baart
Phone: +49 175 6673326
Branch: FinTech for energy infrastructure projects


Econeers, launched in October 2013, is Germany's leading online crowdfunding platform for green projects focussed on renewable energies and energy efficiency. We believe that crowdfunding is a powerful instrument for realizing renewable energy projects. However, it’s also an efficient way to let citizens participate in the energy transition. Through Econeers private investors have the chance to support energy projects with smaller amounts starting from 250 euros. Therefore the project operators offer fixed interest rates. Since the launch of Econeers the users have invested over 4.2 million euros in seven green projects like solar parks, cogeneration units and LED lighting.

Contact: Michael Brey


enffi is a mobile app that redefines the way people perceive energy at home. It makes energy efficiency (electric and heating) socially comparable for the first time and offers individualised advice. Our platform connects the dots between behavior and consumption and thereby enables users to engage and reduce their energy use significantly.
Through our platform users can save up to 20% of their energy consumption, using individualised tipps and social comparison.
We want to make the world more resource efficient by creating a smart human centric energy management system for every household.
enffi is a product by Begher, Bohm und Menzel, Energieeffizienz GbR founded in 2015.

Contact: Chris Menzel


Factor-E Analytics ermöglicht fertigenden Unternehmen einen einfachen Einstieg in die Industrie 4.0 mittels einer cloud-basierten Shopfloor- & Energiemanagement Plattform. Jede Produktionsanlage auch ohne Schnittstellen kann digitalisiert werden: durch eine kontinuierliche Messung des Energienutzens werden Produktivitäts- und Effizienzindikatoren abgebildet und Optimierungsmaßnahmen abgeleitet – in Echtzeit und leicht verständlich. Produktivitätssteigerungen um bis zu 10 % und Energieeinsparungen von bis zu 20 % sind so möglich. Das System kann innerhalb von Stunden installiert werden, ohne die Produktion zu unterbrechen. Mit diesem einfachen Einstieg ist das in August 2015 gegründete Factor-E der ideale Partner für die Digitalisierung.

Hubject GmbH

Berlin-based Hubject GmbH is a joint venture that was formed by leading energy, technology and automotive companies in March 2012. B2B-partners are enabled to offer EV drivers access to charge points from different operators in all over Europe. The company operates a cross-industry business and IT platform connecting charging infrastructure, service and mobility providers. With its functional brand intercharge, it has provided a framework for customer-friendly charging and payment processes, with a pan-European logo identifying the charging stations connected to the intercharge network. More than 200 European partners have already joined the intercharge family, including partners from Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries.

Contact: Ioana Freise

Hyko by CareToSave

We founded our company CareToSave in 2014 as a social enterprise. We measure our success by more than our balance sheet. CareToSave is on the mission to create the future where kids and adults are more conscious about their actions, energy consumption and protective to nature. That is why we created Hyko.
Hyko is award-winning innovation technology, where smart metering meets gamification. Light up your customer experience with Hyko’s end-user engagement solution. See what we do for utilities and grid operators in Europe and request a demo.

Contact: Philipp Mahr, CTO
Phone: +49 174 9797771

ICE Gateway GmbH

Our wireless infrastructure optimizes the outdoor lighting and adds many value added services for people passing by lights and also for sensors and devices (IoE: Internet of Everything) in smart cities. ICE turns the streetlights to a high bandwidth (3G) infrastructure (IaaS: Infrastructure as a service) for outdoor lighting, traffic, real time marketing, security and logistic. Our customers have no additional efforts and hidden costs. You do not need any ISP (Internet Service Provider) or new telecommunication contracts, and will be in the position to use the ICE IaaS in combination with your preferred suppliers for lights, devices, applications and sensors.

Contact: Mr. Ramin Mokhtari (CEO)

Lumenaza GmbH

We connect producers and consumers of electricity on a market place. Our platform buys green local energy from the 1.6 million producers in Germany and sells it to consumers closeby. We manage the local supply and demand and give full visibility on the origin of the green, local power.

Lumenaza is a control, trading and billing software technology which is delivered as Software-as-a-Service to utilities and partners like energy cooperatives: They can launch a regional electricity product, gain new customers, achieve higher selling price, save on business processes and get revenue from the direct marketing bonus.

Cloud-based software with advanced algorithms that optimize the production from a multitude of fluctuating sources and consumption of each region so that supply and demand are balanced. The technology allows controlling and managing millions of producers, storages and flexible consumers of electricity. One patent pending.

Branch : Software Company, Utility, direct marketer
Founded: 2013
Contact: Dr. Christian Chudoba


Energy, especially VPP will have a great impact and in there for instance consumers will become producers. All present and new stakeholders must collaborate intelligently with each other. M2MGO has the solution based on IoT – a sophisticated Application Middleware to connect everyone and everything that communicates vertically and horizontally for leveraging a smarter business!

Branch: Internet of Things (Energy) / IT
Founded: 2013
Contact: Kevin – Louis Pawelke


Living the energy transition by smart use of smart meters. That´s our vision.
The consumption data sent by the meters are visualized on our web-platform. Thereby a simple but highly efficient monitoring gets possible. Plants for heating or power generation can be optimally adjusted and save energy this way. No matter if we are talking about photovoltaics, block heating stations or simple heating installations.
But we also provide the data to the users who get personalized access onto the platform or regularly information about their consumptions. From this too, you achieve possible savings – especially for the thermal energy – of 10-30 %. That´s how the smart meter makes the “smart Mieter” (ger: tenant).

Branch: Metering/Shared Services, Software Company, Energy Efficiency
Founded: aventies GmbH 2012 / MESSHELDEN 2015
Contact: Simon Stürtz